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Mark Mabel
I gave a very short notice and specific order but the team was able to deliver it just that way I had expected! I dropped them a text on a Monday, told them I wanted a basic mango ice cream cake, and that it must be delivered the next day.

The person I was talking to through Whatsapp was Mimi. She got back to me very quickly, tried her best to liaise with the team to make sure my order went through. Within an hour, my order was confirmed. Mimi also asked very detailed questions so to make sure my order was the way I wanted it.

Came the next day. Delivery was on time. The cake came in a big lorry, and it was stored properly in a cold-temp/tidy space. Much thanks to Wong! The cake came in perfect condition. No terbalik, the cream and decoration all looked good.

Came the cake! OMG! So GOOD! It had generous amount of mango fruit pieces inside!! Very refreshing, light, and not too sweet. Props to chef Adika!

It’s hard to find genuine cake/dessert makers; even harder to find those who would charge at a reasonable price.

But it’s easy to see that Lezzetto is a business that makes with sincerity! 🎉

Datin Jasmine Abdullah Heng
Truly impressed with the excellent service  by Mimi, prompt response & v customer focus, always strive to exceed my expectations. Thank you Mimi for replying to my mail so promptly even middle of the night.

The cakes i ordered for Depavali for some friends were beautifully decorated & came in  festive boxes. Smell so good & I am sure my friends wi enjoy them.

Their  brownies i  bought for ourselves  were so so yummy & heavenly , one problem, it was so good, we couldnt stop. eating.  one of the best !  Keep up the good work  guys, it s such a joy to do business with you.  Keep up the good work.  Best rgds,  Datin Jasmine

Starting Block
Outstanding is an understatement.  Beautiful ice cream cake, many thanks to Mimi for the pleasant support and beautiful ice cream cake.

Wan Brown
Its very good and it's our go to ice cream, especially vanilla and chocolate to pair with brownies. They obviously used expensive ingredients. You can know the moment you open the lid and the smell of good chocolate or vanilla waft to your nose.

They provide excellent service too.  Superb response time and fast delivery
Khalilah Dato' Seri Talha
I ordered birthday ice cream cakes twice with my own special design and both times, the cakes not only looked fantastic but tasted delicious too! Am very happy with their service, attention to details and quality of food.

Ruhi Hayati Abd. Rahman
Really love the ice cream. So smooth, rich and creamy, different than normal supermarket's ice cream. Ordered the chocolate flavour, it tastes like real chocolate that melt in your mouth. Sooo Yummy 😋

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